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It's a special moment, when you lift off the ground. When you're on the way, to view our world from high above, from an incomparable, magical perspective.


Take this perspective to the ground, and impress your customers, visitors and friends with aerial imagery from Sky Magic!


You're looking for the perfect shot for the cover of your next brochure? Would you like to offer the media interesting images of your location? Your event deserves a documentation from the most exclusive perspective? We know your communication needs quality, and make no compromises, working with the best available equipment, and experts both on the camera and in the cockpit.


If you want to be in the middle of it, and like to direct yourself, we'd like to welcome you on board of our helicopter! Next to the pilot you will have a seat in the cockpit and supervise the production (which, as a sidenote, is an amazing experience!).


Contact us any time, and we'll be happy to create your individual offer.



Our Philosophy


At Sky Magic, we strive to make our aerial photography something special. It's our main objective, that every single picture sent out to the customer, meets highest expectations.


Our core concept differs from those of other aerial image producers in several aspects. We only offer individual productions to be able to fully concentrate on your target - stock-photo flights where a mass of objects is shot once and then offered afterwards will not be operated by us.


All of our missions are flown with helicopters only - with which we can hover in the air and target optimal shooting positions directly. That's how we capture images that would be hard to achieve in any other way, and how we manage to have the flexibility to find and make full use of the most spectacular perspectives on location effectively.

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Our Standards

Sky Magic provides you with the aerial photography you desire:


  • You receive all our shots digitally in full resolution (e.g. 36 megapixels) and full quality.


  • Your photos are selected and color-graded in a calibrated postproduction workflow, to guarantee natural and emotional colors


  • Our photography is delivered exclusively to the original customer or with written permission. You receive full and exclusive right of use and exploitation


  • All our missions are flown with helicopters - giving us almost limitless flexibility to capture your target from the best perspective.

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