Lean back, enjoy and arrive relaxed and refreshed.

The safest, most comfortable and fastet way to reach your destination.


For your business travels, an exclusive weekend-trip, or any other journey that calls for the most pleasant way to travel.


Your time is a precious good. Escape the stress of regular travel, escape traffic jams, skip checkin lines and omit driving to the airport, to a flight that will leave without you in case of any delay.


Our friendly crew will welcome you directly in front of your door and guide you to your personal helicopter, where you will enjoy unobstructed private space with luxurious vip leather seats. You'll enjoy he relaxed travelling,inviting you to dream with breathtaking views, while onboard-internet makes working on board easy. Probably before you have noticed our little extras for you on board, your pilot is already starting the descent - directly to your destination. For your continuing or return flight, the helicopter readily awaits you - whenever you are ready to go.


You will reach many destinations in Europe faster and much more relaxed, than with any combination of other ways to travel.


Call us now - we're happy to create your individual offer.




Limousine Service - wenn the last few feet sometimes become the last mile.


If your destination is in a city center, or the next possible landing spot is a little further away, your exclusive limousine is already waiting for you upon landing, to make that last bit of your journey just as comfortable.


The most Economic Solution


If our own aircraft's current positioning is not economically viable for your flight,  our aircraft are not perfectly suited or available in time, or a certain mission is not included in the scope of our operator approval, we use our global network of partners to directly offer you the best possible solution.


When determining how operate a mission, fulfilling your demands and wishes always comes first.

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