Express Cargo

The fastest and most secure way to deliver your cargo.

Express Air Cargo: Reliably Delivered.


When you need door-to-door delivery without any delay or detours,  on many routes in Europe the helicopter ist the fastet, most secure and most economical choice.


For longer distances, a Helicopter - Jet - Helicopter combination will often be the fastest option.


It is not uncommon for delays to be the cause of high unneccesary costs - often our missions ensure the operation of assembly lines, smooth running transactions or even save lives in case of organ transports.


We offer direct air cargo transport by helicopter, as well as completely coordinated jet- or  airline-transport worldwide.


Our air cargo capabilities:


  • Express Cargo
  • Urgent Documents
  • Organ transport
  • Secure transport of valuable goods
  • Personally accompanied transport from handover to delivery


  • Coordinated jet-, airline- and helicopter-express cargo worldwide


Maximum Measurements: Depending on type of helicopter. We are happy to assist you with your request and at your service 24/7.


The most Economic Solution


If our own aircraft's current positioning is not economically viable for your flight,  our aircraft are not perfectly suited or available in time, or a certain mission is not included in the scope of our operator approval, we use our global network of partners to directly offer you the best possible solution.


When determining how operate a mission, fulfilling your demands and wishes always comes first.

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