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Helicopter Aviation is an exciting, emotional, adrenaline-loaded and totally unusual topic!

We're happy to be in touch with you for any press requests, and will gladly consider (almost) any exciting cooperation.




If you would like to join a helicopter tour in exchange for media coverage, please send us an email. We do offer media tickets for this very purpose. We are selective about media outlets, and offer free or discounted flights on a voluntary and selective basis.


If you accept free or diiscounted tickets from Sky Magic, you accept the following terms:


  • Sky Magic receives full rights of use for all pictures and videos taken during your time with us, to be used for marketing and other purposes.
  • You will note our website in all relevant publications, both online and print.
  • You will link to Sky Magic in all relevant social media posts on facebook and instagram with @skymagichelicopter
  • Any participant will follow Sky Magic on all relevant social media channels, and will post a minimum of 3 relevant pictures or videos within 3 weeks.


If these conditions are not met, we reserve the right to charge you for any provided services in full.



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