Earn Your Wings

Building valuable Experience

Earn Your Wings


Are you looking to build experience and hours in the Bell 206 JetRanger - for the modular EASA CPL(H), FAA CPL or to build experience towards a job or your first turbine type rating? Join us on our time building program and build serious experience - with a flight instructor always at your disposal.




Great Value for


  • Building hours between your PPL(H) and CPL(H)
  • Get your first turbine rating and turbine hours
  • Remain current on the B206 / single engine turbines




Building hours with added value


Fly our low-time, freshly overhauled and extremely well-equipped Bell 206 B JetRanger III (Full IFR Panel incl. autopilot, perfectly suited for CVFR and simulated IFR training).


A flight instructor will always be on board - so that the hours wont be “just hours“ but time for you to gain valuable experience. This is not one of those offers where you will just be sitting in the cockpit - you will fly the Bell 206 responsibly, and also be able to use your instructor to your full advantage.




From 1h:    EUR 319,-  plus 19% VAT if applicable (380,- incl. VAT)

From 5h:    Volume pricing available (depending on type rating, hours to fly, etc.)


In any case you will enjoy turbine hours and experience, including a flight instructor, for less than what you would typically spend to charter a 2-seater piston helicopter without instructor.


On multi-day journeys, for example on a weekend, you will often be able to bring your partner to the wonderful scenic places we fly to.  Depending on the type of operation, you will be able to act as paid ground crew on loaction, further reducing your costs.

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