Unforgettable Views from the Edge of a Cloud.

Helicopter Tours and Intro-Flights


Flying in a helicopter is an absolutely unique feeling that can't be described. Experience the magic of the only vehicle capable of mastering all 3 dimensions completely independent from each other. Takeoff straight up into the air, rest in a stationary hover, fly sideways and even backwards - that's what you will experience only in a helicopter.


All this while you enjoy a view so wide and free, as if, as the inventor of the first helicopter once said, you were sitting on the edge of a cloud. Below your comfortable leather seat you will discover the remarkable beauty of the landscape and sights from a whole new perspective - while the uniquely awesome feeling in your stomach just wont go away!


Or even take it a step further and actually fly the helicopter yourself! Your instructor will show you all the secrets of flying a helicopter.



Our Tours and Intro Lessons are suitable for:


  • Anyone in normal / average health condition



Please get in touch before your flight if the following applies to you:


  • More than 5 months pregnant
  • Persons with cardiovascular issues or a pacemaker
  • Persons with special needs
  • Please get in touch Wir helfen immer gern und freuen uns besonders,
    alles beitragen zu können, um jedem einen angenehmen Flug zu ermöglichen!



 Depending on the Helicopter Type a flight will carry 3 to 6 Passengers. One Ticket ist valid for 1 person.

Your Family and Friends are welcome visitors of course,  and will find perfect service in the Airport Cafè or Restaurant at all our locations while they wait.

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